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Adjustment of Data within the NVM memory

To access the NVM memory, press the channel up button on the
remote control until the NVM setting is
reached. Note that the NVM address is shown in green and the NVM
value is shown in red.
Each of the NVM values are stored as a hexadecimal code, each
code comprises of two hexadecimal
numbers. Each of these numbers will break down into a four bit
binary code as in the example below.
Hex code A 5
Binary code 1010 0101
Button on remote to toggle Bit 7654 3210
In the example given above, the hexadecimal code is A5, the
binary equivalent is 1010 0101. The remote
control button to toggle each bit on or off (1 or a 0) is shown
below the binary code. Therefore to change this
to A6, remote control buttons 1 then 0 would have to be pressed.
Регулировка Данных в пределах памяти NVM.
Чтобы получить доступ к памяти NVM, нажмите кнопку канал + на
управлении, пока урегулировка NVM не появится. Отметьте, что
адрес NVM
показывают в зеленом, и уровень NVM показывают в красном.


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